Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ice cream eating and other strange Räikkös-questions

Kimi Räikkönen's press conferences in Jerez have interested the international reporters really much

During a couple of days they had already asked him about many things. collected some of the strangest questions:

- Have you talked with Ferrari's employees like Massa for example? an Italian reporter asked Räikkönen.

- I said hi to him and he said hi to me when I saw him in the hotel this morning, Kimi replied.

One reporter wanted to know if Räikkönen had missed the reporters in F1-paddock:

- We missed you but did you miss us?

- I think you missed me more, Räikkönen said and made the reporters laugh.

Kimi was asked to compare if the atmosphere in WRC was different than in F1?

- Yes. In many ways. It doesn't change anything by talking about it. It's a different sport. They have a different way of doing things. Those all make the atmosphere different and give a different feeling between the teams and the drivers. The drivers aren't racing each other the same way as in F1 so that alone is a big difference. It changes a lot how people treat each other, Kimi said.

An American reporter wanted to know Kimi's thoughts about Nascar:

- You drove in Nationwide and truck-series. How seriously did you consider a career in US?

- If I could still live in Europe then I would probably had continued there but I would have to live in US and I wasn't very interested to move there. I had fun when testing and racing those cars. They have laidback but professional people there. The cars maybe don't look so good but they are well built. Who knows, maybe I will drive there more some day, Kimi said.

This week's most strange Räikkös-question was presented to Eric Boullier when he was asked: Do you have your ice cream storage filled for Kimi?

The question referred to Kimi's ice cream eating after he retired in 2009 Malaysia, but Boullier didn't understand the context.

- Does he like ice cream? Boullier asked before the backgrounds of the question were explained to him.

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