Friday, February 10, 2012

Comment: Räikkönen made the right choice!

The first week in winter testing has proved that Kimi Räikkönen made the exactly right choice when choosing Lotus-team as his working place

In addition to Lotus taking the top times of the new cars on Tuesday and Thursday tests, the team has presented themself in Jerez like a big team in all ways. Lotus-team's paddock-buildings, trucks and the fantastic black&gold -look is on the same level with other top teams. Actually Lotus has been mostly presented of all teams in Jerez because they have wanted to keep noise over their new name, new sponsors and new drivers.

Räikkönen's second team-option Williams again has stayed under the average level when it comes to laptimes and they have been quite unnoticed all and all. When Lotus took all the attention on Monday by presenting their car in a well organized event, Williams again made their presentation with small gestures early Tuesday morning by opening the doors to their garage and rolling their car to the pitlane.

The spirit coming from Lotus-team tells that the team's crew is standing behind Räikkönen with all they have. Kimi can build the Lotus into his own success story.

Jani Merimaa, Jerez

Source: MTV3
Courtesy: Nicole

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