Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Räikkönen was wondering: Car broke down on walking pace

Kimi Räikkönen's car suffered a rare damage in Jerez on Wednesday at the beginning of the test.

- The floor of the car broke down in the morning. I went to the sand and drove back to the track at walking pace. The edge of the track was so high that the floor hit it. It took a little time to repair, Raikkonen told MTV3.

Regarless of the floor damage Raikkonen was drive staggering 117 rounds on Wednesday. He was fifth fastest in the day's results.

- The car does not have any special problems, of course there are some small jobs, but they more or less standard things, which may occur anytime. Even the floor problem was not a tecnical defect but my own fault. In first tests the most important thing is to get a lots of laps, Raikkonen said.

Räikkönen has one improvement in mind for the E20 car.

- Steering needs to be improved. I think we get it fixed before the season starts.

Getting used to Pirelli tyres has gone well to Finnish driver.

- I do not think the tyres will cause any problems. Today some of the compounds were better than others. It certainly depends on weather. Soft tyres did not work on so cold. Even Pirelli said that the hard tyres were the best of all. There is not any problems with the tyres when they work properly, Kimi stated.

MTV3, Jani Merimaa, Jerez

Courtesy: reppo

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