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Vettel and Pärmäkoski will part as best friends

Tommi Pärmäkoski became Sebastian Vettel's trainer in October 2008. Back then he was a 21-year old GP-winner driving in Toro Rosso - but the media hadn't yet squashed the guy who had the face of a child.

– Sebastian became known by everyone during his first Red Bull-season when he won several races and came in 2nd in the driver's serie, Pärmäkoski remembers.

After that he has had takers like an unmarried man in the ladies dance.

Vettel and Pärmäkoski had time to conquer the F1-world thoroughly. During three Red Bull -seasons he got two WDCs after 55 races, one silver, 20 victories, 35 podiums, 29 pole positions, 40 starts in the front row, 9 fastest laps and the incredible amount of 732 WC-points.

Next season Vettel starts with a new trainer because Pärmäkoski starts working for Finland's icehockey union's management team, where he will start coaching the girls national league on January 1st in Kuortane.

Now is a good time to reflect on this seamless duo's time together.

What does Pärmäkoski remember from his first meeting with Vettel?

– I probably remember the meeting forever. Sebastian flew to Finland in autumn, he was just so natural and normal when he came to me to shake hands. We chatted for a moment and got to know each other a little. I got immediately an image of a really friendly and kind guy.

– That kindness is really genuine although Sebastian can have almost a killer-nature on the track again.

Pärmäkoski praises that he will probably never face a sportsman who is as determined and top-talented.

– Sebastian is in no way any German machine. The level of his motivation and committment is massively high. First and most it's the hunger with which he does everything, it's totally 100 %. And if something we do doesn't immediately go the best way, then he does it for as long until he has learned it. He demands to get that opportunity again and if he fails again then he just tries again. He has an exceptional competitive urge, Pärmäkoski said.

He will remember forever the thanking in Suzuka

The Finnish trainer got the most touching thanks in a live tv-program after Vettel had sealed his title in Suzuka.

– There are so many I want to thank. However I will take up one name, which has been really important to me during the whole year. I spend most of my time with my trainer Tommi Pärmäkoski. Thanks to him and to his family in Finland. They have a great son who has a good heart. Tommi has all the time kept my thoughts away from all that is irrelevant and he hasn't let me float after good results, Vettel said.

– I didn't hear it live but it didn't take long before someone already came to tell me what the dude had said. Of course it was a special thing for me and my family. It was Sebastian's way of thanking but then again as a gesture it was even greater. It would have been enough if he had said 'thank you' to me in private, Pärmäkoski reminded.

– My part was a tiny miny part in a huge puzzle. F1 is a group sport where you need a good car designer, a good mechanic who can tune it and a good engineer who can put things going in the right direction. When all pieces fall in place it's up to the driver how he succeeds. Hence all credit for the WDC has to be given to Sebastian himself.

Then how does the ex-trainer see his protegé's continuance?

– Of course one has to hope that the development still goes forward in the same positive way. Hopefully Sebastian will never be really ready and has hunger to continue on the path he has chosen.

– At least Sebastian knows now what it took to get to the top and which kind of pieces it really requires. It's up to himself to do it again and again - to each year be just a little bit better and go forward once again.

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