Friday, December 2, 2011

Räikkönen gets only six testing days before the season starts

Kimi Räikkönen has to adapt to Lotus-Renault F1-car and Pirelly-tyres really fast because he only gets to drive six days in winter tests.

F1-teams have decided to limit the winter testing to three four-day periods 7-10.2.2012 and then 18-21.2.2012 in Jerez plus 1-4.3.2012 in Barcelona.

All and all there are 12 driving days which are divided evenly between the teams' both drivers.

The F1-season starts 18th March in Australia, Melbourne.

According to information Turun Sanomat has Räikkönen gets to drive Renault's F1-car privately in January on the testing track before starting with the new cars.

Regulations are that these kinds of tests can only be driven by an old car from season 2009 using GP2-tyres. It's called a 'demo-car'.

Turun Sanomat


Courtesy: Nicole

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