Monday, December 26, 2011

Berger is surprised if Kimi's selfcontrol and ambition falls in place

Gerhard Berger told in Austrian ORF-television channel's interview that he thinks Räikkönen's comeback is 50 % possible.

According to Berger Räikkönen is a nice fellow who will bring more color to the F1-serie. However it requires hard work in order to make it successful.

- He should surely reduce his vodka-drinking. Of course he announces himself that he will give his everything but I would be surprised if his selfcontrol and ambition would fall in place. F1 is hard work and we will see if he has the will for it, Berger commented to ORF.

At the same time Berger emphasized that he hopes Räikkönen's comeback would succeed.

Courtesy: Nicole

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