Saturday, December 10, 2011

Räikkönen hurt his wrist in a snowmobile race

F1-remigrant Kimi Räikkönen scared his fans in a show with his longtime partner Red Bull in Saalbach Austria.

The Finn who participated in the snowmobile race went too fast in a corner, the snowmobile fell down and the driver fell on the ground on his left hand.

The hard hit hurt but no bones were broken. The driver said he is okay although his hand naturally hurts. Racing with snowmobiles ended here.

News about Räikkönen's accident spread quickly all over. What made the fuss even bigger was that we still remember how Renault's driver #1 Robert Kubica injured severely in a rally accident last February.

Lotus-team's publicist sent calming information through twitter.

– We just talked with Kimi. He is okay. Only his wrist is sore and he will go and check it again on Monday, the team informed.

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