Sunday, October 7, 2012

Team manager reveals: This is how Kimi Räikkönen's contract is made

Eric Boullier told on Sunday in MTV3:s live interview openly about how Kimi Räikkönen's next year's contracts is made.

Boullier has earlier said that Räikkönen's continuance is 100% sure, but Räikkönen himself says that he doesn't have a contract for next year.

- Nothing has yet been signed concerning next year, but his contract which was signed last year is a two-year contract with some options. They are related to performance clauses. We just have to go through the administrative process in order to get the contract again signed for next year, Bouillier described the situation to MTV3.

Boullier emphasizes that announcing the contract isn't even depending on any matters that concern the negotiations.

- It's only about timing.

Source MTV3
Courtesy Nicole

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