Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kimi Räikkönen presented his new hairstyle

Kimi presented his new shorter hairstyle in Japan GP

Finland's most followed celebrity has lost his familiar mullet ever since the last F1-race.

The most observant Kimi-fans noticed on Suzuka paddock that the already familiar mullet had disappeared. Kimi who turns 33 on October 17th had cut his blond locks shorter during the break.

Kimi's hair is now shorter than it has been in years. The last time Kimi had this short hair was in year 2007 when he won his career's first WDC.

                                      A more grownup-looking Kimi on Japan GP's paddock

After his championship year Kimi has let his hair grow and a few years ago Kimi's angelic locks were already so long that he could even have a ponytail.

The Iceman has earlier told in public that he hasn't been to a barber in years. Earlier a good friend has been taking care of the barber-stuff by cutting Kimi's hair into a new look whenever necessary.

Kimi hasn't still told about his plans for the future, but he has promised to tell his news on his birthday after one week.

Kimi still had more hair on his head on Singapore GP's paddock

Source: MTV3
Courtesy: Nicole

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