Sunday, October 7, 2012

Räikkönen didn't have room to avoid Alonso + Video Interview after Race

Räikkönen's Lotus and Alonso's Ferrari clashed when they were braking into the first corner. Lotus-car's front wing touched Ferrari's rear tyre and hence Alonso's race stopped shortly when he spun off the track.

– After the start I was all the time on the left side when we started to brake. Fernando came all the time more and more to the left. I tried to go more to the left but there was no room where to go. What happened happened because I couldn't go anywhere, Räikkönen cleared up.

Räikkönen's front wing suffered a mild damage and the car's speed wasn't enough to fight for a better position than 5th. The chance went when Lewis Hamilton succeeded to return just beside Räikkönen after a very fast pitstop. Since Lotus was on the left side, McLaren got a cleaner driving line and passed.

Source Turun Sanomat 

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