Saturday, June 23, 2012

Räikkönen's qualification was already in that direction

Kimi Räikkönen had two new sets of Pirelli's soft tyres in the qualification. The advantage didn't however offer a full advantage to him.

– The first set was bad. Although it was a new tyre it pushed forward. At least the second set worked properly. The qualification was in that direction, but by improving with a tenth we would had been in the front row. Sebastian Vettel was ahead of the others but the rest of the gang was even, Räikkönen summed up.

– This was one of our best qualifications so far. We were 5th in Malaysia, but there we got higher due to a penalty. Now it feels good to be 5th in the grid.

The 5th grid is on the clean side of the track, which is a clear advantage in the starting grid.

Overtaking isn't easy in Valencia. The start is very important.

– When it's hot, someone ahead of us can get in trouble with the tyres and then we have a chance to overtake. Our car has been good in the tyre-department and hopefully it continues in the race also.

– We have to take the same soft tyres from the qualification to the start. On Friday they worked reasonably during long stints, Räikkönen reminded.

We can expect two-stop strategies, since the tyre consumption is tough in hot weather.

Räikkönen has been struggling with the Lotus-car's steering during the spring. Now the situation is better.

– Small things have made it a little better and more precise. Due to that it was easier in qualification. It has always been good enough in races.

Permane trusting

Alan Permane was smiling to the tasty scenery of getting both drivers on the podium.

– We have gone up much higher from behind 4th and 5th grid. We have a strong belief in the race. Overtaking is tricky even in the DRS-area and we are certainly not expecting any easy race for us.

– The hot weather will put a strain on the tyres, but we trust that we can cope under these circumstances. In strategy we have open one, two or three -stop strategies. Lets see what happens, Permane said.

Grosjean will strike from the 2nd row

Romain Grosjean beat his team mate for the 6th time in qualification. The difference was however only 0,008 seconds.

– I have been 8 times in qualification and this is my 2nd best result after Australia. We really have a great opportunity to succeed in this race. The strategy will be in the key role.

Grosjean knows that one can't crash in the start.

– I've started to know all the drivers around me and how they behave. It's going to be tough in the three first corners and if getting through the first corner without crashing, there's a good chance to do a top result, Grosjean planned.

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