Sunday, June 10, 2012

Räikkönen's car was fixed quickly

The hydraulics flaw in the differential of Kimi Räikkönen's E20 car, which disturbed his qualification performance, was fixed promptly.

- It wasn't a great problem, and the car was repaired by five o'clock on Saturday afternoon, Lotus team principal Eric Boullier told to Turun Sanomat.

Differential controls slipping of the tyres. Once it has broken down, the slip is not in balance, when the other half works differently than the other.

Räikkönen was praised by the team for his will to fight, but when Finnish driver fell marginally from Q3 stage, starting place is now the 12th, second lowest of the season.

- Differential was not working as it should. It made the qualification so difficult, when lap times are so close to each other. The car was ok, but due to the defect it was difficult to push hard enough. Certainly, time was lost, but it happens. However, I am confident that in the race all is okay, Räikkönen said.

- During the whole season we have in every track been stronger in the race than in qualification and practice. It will be a little warmer in the race than in qualification and it should fit to our car even better. Zero points has yet been lost, but not won either. We try to get a good start, avoid all the hassles at the first cornerss and then see what we can do.

Villeneuve's argument garbage

Jacques Villeneuve, who won the world championship in 1997 with Renault, blamed in Sky TV's interview Lotus' current drivers and profusely praised the car.

- If Lotus had in this car, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel, they would have won all races of the season, breezed Villeneuve.

Boullier snorted to the claim.

- Villeneuve talks to keep warm, what happens when no one else is interested in him anymore, Lotus team boss acknowledged.

Turun Sanomat, Montreal


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