Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kimi Räikkönen flashed his sixpack in commercial shooting - no smiling

At the same time as the knowledge of Kimi Räikkönen's and Jenni Dahlman-Räikkönen's separation went on hectic in Finland, Kimi himself was shining in Spain as the main star of a car-commerical.

Kimi shooted Renault Megane's commercial on Friday in Costa Brava. In the shooted footage Kimi poses for the camera-team in a longsleeved dark sweater and jeans on the beach.

To the joy of those who were on the beach, Kimi flashed his sixpack while they were putting the microphone on him. In the actual commercial Räikkönen wears all clothes as fas as I know.

Kimi stayed true to his image, because you didn't really see a smile on the Iceman's face.

Source: Ilta-Sanomat
Courtesy: Nicole

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