Saturday, May 5, 2012

Test were canceled a couple of days ago - Kimi was partying in Espoo!

Kimi Räikkönen is in Finland. Räikkönen was partying in restaurant Kannunkulma in Espoo on Friday night. The restaurant confirmed that Räikkönen was in the VIP-premises with an entourage of approximately 15 people.

- He was here with a big entourage having fun. We reserved a VIP-area for them where they could be in peace, a man who worked in the restaurant on Friday told.

- He wants to be in peace and we want to make sure that customers don't start to harrass him.

According to the employee Räikkönen visits the place often, because he and his buddies have grown up in the neighborhood.

Räikkönen was in the headlines on Wednesday when his test driving was canceled. Many thought that something serious had happened to Räikkönen but in the end Lotus gave out an announcement telling that Kimi is fine. The tests were canceled because of the unstable weather conditions.

After the tests had been canceled Räikkönen headed straight away to Finland. He can't be many days in Finland, because Spanish GP is next week.

- Apparently he was here on holiday because he was partying.

According to the employee Kimi didn't make any fuss about himself.

- He is a peaceful guy.


Source: Iltalehti
Courtesy: Nicole

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